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A place to put things that I like and I like to do: nail art, design, lettering, art ... A bit of everything. I hope you like it !!!

Would you believe me if I tell you that he is the famous Minotaur and he is in his labyrinth? Hehehe inspired by the “supernatural” #31dc2014 ♥♥♥

Inspired by a flag :D #31dc2013 France of course ♥

Some pop art happiness ☺♥ #31dc2014

I made this for the #31dc2014 challenge’s  ”print” day 

They are inspired in this fabric from “Liberty London” 

Inspired by a book, in this case they are both from Kafka. The first one i’ve read a long time ago “Metamorphosis” and the other one is called “The trial”  #31dc2014

Inspired by fashion ☺ This dress is from Fendi’s Spring and summer 2015 colecction #31dc2014

Isn’t he cute? hahaha Superman Nails for the “movie” theme in the #31dc2014 challenge ♥

For the #31dc2014 challenge a did these nails Inspired by a song “This is how we do” by Katy Perry ☺ I love her last album so much ♥

One of my favorite colors in my collection is this purplish grey from Essence Cosmetics that is called “Boys are back in town”

I use it for the “color day” on the #31dc2013 challenge :D 

Hi everybody, today is a very special day for me, because is interview day, and because this is the last interview for the “first season”. But don’t worry, I’m already working on the second one, that is going to be up in here very soon ☺

This time I want to introduce you to Margee or as we know her “Nailuminium”, which is one of my all time favorites artist, and always leave a smile on my face everytime she thinks of a new manicure.

I specially love the fact that she always make the same super intricate designs in both hands, and once when I asked how she could do that she replied: “a lot of practice” … Which made me think I still have hope hahaha

You can find her in her blog or in her Instagram’s page ♥ And if you decided to make one of her designs you should tag your picture with “#looknailuminium

1. - First tell us a little bit about yourself… Where are you from? And how you got into nail art?

I’m a student from the Czech Republic, I have always loved painting. I first saw nail art in school, some of my classmates wore the simpliest designs like dots or stripes, I got curious and tried it myself using a toothpick, then I browsed the interned and discovered some awesome nail artists that inspired me to try harder, get brushes, do more complicated designs… Quickly I became way bigger nail art freak than those two classmates who inspired me in the beginning.

2. - Where do you find inspiration for your nail designs?

I don’t want to say “everywhere”, so I’ll try to be more specific. I’m often inspired by other nail artists, by a nail polish (the colour I want to use and have to figure out in what design), sometimes by fashion, by season or an event (going classy for balls and stuff). Several times I found inspiration during Art lessons in school, like with the Op Art nails.

3. - Which one of your nail designs are you most proud of, and why?

Uh, hard question. Browsing my designs it’s probably Christmas Tribal, it took super long, but everyone loved it. I’m also proud of my Aluminium Nails idea and tutorial, it was quite simple yet effective and I keep seeing great recreations.

4. - Whose nails would you like to do? (Anybody / any era /famous or not)

Surprisingly: my friends’. I did nails for few of my friends and I always enjoyed doing it and seeing them happy and looking at their nails all the time. But nail art is quite time consuming and I don’t get to do other people’s nails very often - and maybe that’s good, I enjoy it so much because it feels special.

5. - Are there any nail art tools or nail polish that you just can’t live without?

Other then brushes, base coats, top coats and white nail polish? Oh yes, I couldn’t do without a toothpick, I never got used to dotting tools.

6. - Tell us something interesting or funny about yourself! Something that most people don’t know!

I don’t eat chocolate.

7.- When in doubt you do…

When in SERIOUS doubt I paint my nails plain colour and wait for an idea to come. Sometimes I wait for days. Sometimes it doesn’t come at all.

Isn’t she amazing? Go show her some love, and say hi! on my behalf ♥

And Margee: Thanks so much for your time, for doing this with me and for all your kind words of encouragement ♥