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A place to put things that I like and I like to do: nail art, design, lettering, art ... A bit of everything. I hope you like it !!!

These were my Galaxy nails for the #31dc2014 challenge 

Do you like the moon? I’m pretty proud of it ☺

Half moons for the #31dc2014 challenge ☺☺☺

And today was “Glitter” Day on the #31dc2014 !!!! I did this design trying to get myself into fall colors ☺ Hope you like them ♥

I forgot to post these here yesterday… They are “geometric” for the #31DC2014 challenge :D

Polish princess I would say ☺☺☺

(via kawaii-box-co)

Today I have the honor to interview Jessica, the creator of the Indie polish brand “Drip Drop Nail Paint" and owner of the Instagram account @ b_jessica_3 

Like all the artists I’ve show you here, she is one of my favorites, and that’s because her designs are always spotless and very feminine. Other than that, it is one of the nicest and closest people I’ve found Instagram; she always has words of encouragement to all us that are starting in the Nail Art world (✿◠‿◠)


Along with other great artist (Johanna) she haves a promotion account, where show the beautiful designs found in Instagram. The account is called @jjnailpromote and to have the opportunity to be featured you have to use the Hashtag #jjnailpromote.

I was featured once, and it was the first time someone did “feature” any of my pictures … Can you imagine the excitement? wow!!! The happiness that I had that day \ (• ◡ •) / hahaha


1. - First tell us a little bit about yourself… Where are you from? And how you got into nail art? 

I’m from Kent, Ohio. I’ve lived here for about 10 years, its a nice college town. Plenty of local things to do. 

I’ve been painting my nails since I can remember, the most nail art I’ve ever done was polka dots with a toothpick. However, since starting Instagram about 2 years ago, I saw people posting nail picture, so I thought i’d give it a try. I’ve been hooked ever since.


2. - Where do you find inspiration for your nail designs? 

I find inspiration everywhere, but mostly from my Instagram peers. I really enjoy abstract art, so I like to bring it to my nails. I paint best if I don’t actually have and idea. I’d rather just sit down and let the brushes go. 


3. - Which one of your nail designs are you most proud of, and why?

Well this question takes me back to a few months into experimenting with watermarbling. I think I was super proud when I finally got the hang of doing a water marble. I practiced constantly, almost everyday, and it finally clicked. 


4. - Whose nails would you like to do?

Hmmm… I would love to hang out with all the friends that I’ve made on Instagram so we could all paint each others nails with our own unique styles. That would be so fun! 


5. - Is there any nail art tools or nail polish that you just can’t live without?

Definitely cannot live without a good clean-up brush and acetone. Also, I love all of my indie brand nail polishes. It makes me sad when I see people having destash sales. My heart aches, lol I think I would have a hard time letting my handmade polishes go. 


6. - Tell us something interesting or funny about yourself! Something that most people don’t know!

Hmmm… Hard question. I will stick with nails for the topic. All of my designs are polish only. I’ve tried to use acrylic paints a few times, but I’m just not that type of artist. I admire the people that can paint a scenery on their nails, they’re so beautiful, but that type of art is difficult for me. 

I like the consistency of nail polish, and I’m used to it. I usually use a plastic lid as a palette, and just pour some polish on it, and work quickly. 


7.- When in doubt you do… (When you don’t know what to do on your nails, or you are in a hurry, what design is the first one that comes to mind…)

If I’m in a hurry I go with a solid color, pink or red. If I have a few minutes to spare, I will do the splatter technique- quick clean-up, topcoat, and call it good. 


And that’s it everybody … I really hope you enjoyed the interview, and of course, please go show her some love :)

And Jessica: Thank you very much for taking the time to do this with me, it was really fun ☺



"Delicate" for the #31DC2014 challenge ☺

These are for the 14th Day of the #31DC2014 challenge: Flowers ☺

I did these inspired in one mani made by the “super uber talented” Wondrously Polished, but I used different colors

See you tomorrow ☺


Yesterday was family day so I miss the “Animal print” for the #31DC2014 challenge, but here it is… I got inspired by one of the dresses that Jessie J wore in the “Bang Bang” video… 

I was in the middle of the process and I felt like they needed a little pink, so here they are :D



These are a recreation from the ones that @oliviajade19 did a few month ago … The truth is that I didn’t thought I could pull this off, but they are actually really nice … Aren’t they? ☺

They are all China Glaze Polishes except for the yellow one that’s from ORLY

#31DC2014 Stripes ☺